Torrent Finder Firefox Toolbar V 1.3.1

Torrent Finder Toolbar screenshotTorrent Finder Firefox Toolbar enables all Torrent Finder search functions from your own Firefox browser. You can search single or multiple search engines opening them in Torrent Finder search tabs, small frames or in your Firefox tabs, with previous and next buttons to toggle between tabs. Site list is auto-updated keeping you up-to-date with the best search sites and trackers available. A lot of accessible tools have been added to the toolbar to make it easy to find your torrent like 'keyword highlighter', 'select toggle' to toggle between search engines by category, and 'toggle by first letter' to easily find the search engine you need.

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  • Torrent Finder Toolbar screenshot
  • Torrent Finder Toolbar screenshot
  • Torrent Finder Toolbar screenshot

    Main Features

  • Open sites in Firefox tabs with (previous|next) buttons for easier navigation ,and optional limited number of tabs at time.
  • Flexible popup menu width to fit screen width and to give user more space to choose from sites.
  • Search all Torrent Finder sites gathered or by single site with easy site list auto update.
  • Toggle between showing and hiding sites logos.
  • Navigate between sites using site's first letter.
  • Select/unselect feature toggles between all, private, anime or non English Sites.
  • Arrange Sites list with easy drag and drop form.
  • Easy show/hide option with context menu for the dockable toolbar.
  • Resize search area for to save more space.
  • Holding CRTL key searches the remembered last searched single site.
  • More Options including search in tabs or frames, load all or one by one and the number of pages to show every search.
  • Search history for all searched keywords with optional auto-completion.
  • Highlight searched terms on the page button.
  • Search words button to find single word on the result page.
  • Context menu search option for the selected text on the page.
  • Languages available : English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Croatian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Chinese.

    Version History

      Version 1.2.5
  • added hu-HU,tr-TR,pt-PT,vi-VN,el-GR,ru-RU translation.
  • change the context menu letter from T to I to remove conflicts.
    1. Version 1.2.4
  • Greek localization added.
    1. Version 1.2.3
  • Fixed extra blank tab opening with Firefox tab search.
    1. Version 1.2.2
  • Better Highlighting for text inside hidden frames.
  • Fixed images cache for 404 not found images.
  • Fixed keydown navigation between sites.
    1. Version 1.2.1
  • Dynamically change number of selected sites depending on page width.
  • Search form is now fully compatible with new Torrent Finder.
    1. Version 1.2
  • Added Web Search button using Google search.
  • localization enabled for the toolbar - Arabic Language available.
  • Fixed update conflict every time new window opened, now updates are on daily basis.
  • Highlighter enhanced.
  • Better Sites Arrangement script to instantly update the toolbar instead of manual update.
  • Added Support for Unicode languages.
  • Logos are now cached into toolbar folder instead of chrome cache with option to disable it.
  • Select Site on the menupopup by its first letter added.
    1. Version 1.1
  • Added multi-login page to login all private torrent sites and/or trackers from one page.
  • Fixed some issues with Toolbar palette display.
  • Fixed bundle issue with Firefox 3.

    Un installation

  • choose Tools -> extensions/add-ons -> right click on Torrent Finder Toolbar -> uninstall/disable

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